About Bobbi Murphy Photography

The camera is a tool I use to explore the world around me.  It forces me to see differently.  And it challenges me to isolate and distill a scene into a simple, powerful image that communicates the essence of what I see. 

With a camera in my hand I go to new places – near and far.   I walk further, see more and experience the world in new ways. Light, color and shape catch my eye and tempt me to find the ‘picture’ hidden in the scene.  It is always magic if and when it finally appears. 

And for a brief moment, I have stopped time.


I am a graduate of the 2011 Summer Intensive course at Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  I have also taken workshops with R. Mac Holbert, Sean Bagshaw, John Wimberley, David Lorenz Winston, Susana Gaunt, Elizabeth Stone, and Doug Johnson, among others. 

I live on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon and travel extensively through the American West.

My work is currently displayed at 'The Photographers' Gallery' at the Ashland Art Center in Ashland, Oregon and the Rogue Gallery & Art Center in Medford, Oregon.

I am available for photo shoots, custom workshops and private tutoring.